Iron ore

Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. The iron ore mines located in Latin America are large reserves and of high quality. In countries like Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile, the mines are exploited by small miners who live in this work.

To do business with significant amounts, these miners grouped together in different associations or cooperatives that collect iron ore and are responsible for the negotiation. We work with a direct supply source of iron ore, ensuring serious business, quantity, continuity and quality.


Procedures (Abbreviation)

  1. The customer provides the summary information client (CIS) to Seller
  2. The client provides ICPO (template provided by the seller)
  3. The seller provides a sales contract with SGS analysis reports Reports Past BL
  4. The client executes the contract, return to the seller
  5. The banking representative of the seller checks the POF of the MT799 or MT199 customer
  6. The purchaser has the ability posts at this point to end the contract, but optional
  7. The seller issues bonds non-operating corporate performance (2% PB) prior to LC
  8. The buyer provides a letter of credit operating nontransferable 100% payable on demand
  9. The seller provides complete POP (proof of product)


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